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process videos

I'd love to help others and give people answers to what my drawing process looks like^^ Do note that I NEVER keep track of how long my artworks take me to complete cuz I always forget to track stuff like that, tragically. But I know some people enjoy process videos that are available for free viewing and are not supporter-only content. So I hope these speed painting videos give you some answers^^ enjoy!! I like being able to highlight this text to read it lol



a free to access speed paint process since at least a few people do get frustrated over "supporter only" content...

hope you enjoy !^^



Aaron is still adorable even as he plays a character is forced to resort to cannibalism during a failed expedition haha ❤️❤️❤️



Process of the already-ancient doodle of David drooling Dybbuk slobber XD



I wonder if any of the dudes felt "lost" after losing Sir John Franklin - the man that the expedition is named after for gosh sakes... I wouldn't be surprised if any of them felt it was a lost cause beyond that point right after it happened...



"Can you live with taking a life?" if only Aaron's character could in that film DX



process video of Aaron Jeffcoate art portrait study of that still of him from "The Singing Bird Will Come"



"bluish" portrait of Aaron Jeffcoate whose from the UK so I kept "azure main" in mind^^



process of two Aaron Jeffcoate portraits dating circa September 2018



process video for [cheeky] ^^



process videos of speed paints of my digital works !



for the Procreate contest in which you make usage of the "QuickShape" tool^^ contest ends/ended December 21



a speed art. I guess this isn't a speed "paint" as it's a speed sketching video of my sketching process. For anyone curious of my traditional sketching process^^ I really love drawing hair^^



speed paint in Procreate with iPad Pro^^

another portrait of the beauteous face of the even more beauteous Aaron Jeffcoate's beauteousness on digital canvas^^ - original photo used for reference by photographer Catherine Jane



fetching means attractive^^

as per usual with my realism portrait drawings, done for practice and my Aaron Jeffcoate fangirl needs^^ - original photo used for reference was taken by Catherine Jane



"intoxicating" means "CUTE"

"Reference pics" used for reference consisted of me pausing parts of a video/ showreel cuz he was making good faces^^ person whose beauteousness is pictured: Aaron Jeffcoate^^



reference pic at his IMDb^^




speed process of [sip] portrait art study practice doodle of Aaron Jeffcoate ^^

reference pic used was a promotional image for the film "The Singing Bird Will Come"^^



free-accessible speed paint process video of rough doodles of The Snippets [Dybbuk Debunked]^^

was also created as a way to test and experiment with my coloring method^^ - was trying to concoct a simplified method of coloring. I like how this looks^^



speed art of another doodle of a Jeffcoate called Aaron XD

I love the color red and this actor ❤️



speed art of recent stress doodle of my OC~ David Vanspalter

I love this character. I'm adding too many traits to this boi to make him like me lol...



more doodling of my OC: David Vanspalter^^ bespect

I love this character. I'm adding too many traits to this boi to make him like me lol...



another speed paint of Aaron Jeffcoate^^

this was probably the hardest portrait to draw of him so far // those shades...



finally trying to readjust to doing voice-over commentary. I know some videos lack any audio, but the real gist is sharing is caring...

as of 21March 2019, all three pieces are yet to be completed... brb



another. Of Aaron Jeffcoate and how awesome he'd be at the role of Spider-Man XD



the drawing process to that 2019 Mother's Day picture I did for me mum ^^



process + a rare usage of voice-over commentary^^ I should do more commentaries, especially for longer, more elaborate art pieces^^



another doodle of Aaron Jeffcoate^^



+ commentary for once^^



that fanart of "D-Day Assassins / The Filthy Thirteen" feat. Aaron Jeffcoate



double batch of doodles of Aaron Jeffcoate again^^



feat. "The Snippets" with some embarrassing commentary yay :D



freehanded from pausing a part of the film "D-Day Assassins / The Filthy Thirteen" ^^



of that technicolored portrait of Aaron ^^



+ commentary.



speed paint of that drawing of a tired Aaron Jeffcoate 😀



love this man^^





+ commentary



hello, horror fans^^



fanart of Aaron Jeffcoate in the role of "Pte William Pilkington" in AMC's "The Terror"^^




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