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Hello ~ my name is Yousha G. Tighe and I am an artist with Autism from the Land of Mini Sodas, US of A (Minneapolis, MN)
I, too, have been drawing ever since I could hold a pencil (like other artists). But I have been taking drawing and art seriously ever since I was 8 when I received my very first compliment on a drawing.



As of January 2020, I'm trying to develop a graphic novel / comic series called [Dybbuk Debunked] ~ and this site is largely catered to archiving my progress on the project. I first got the idea for this series as early as age 16 or so (2015-2016) and this site is meant to show my progress from 2018 onward while simultaneously displaying my portfolio. This site will contain my illustrations, character designs and other concept work for the Dybbukverse.

and thank you for visiting this website ~

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